RespiRo practice

A haven of peace and tranquility, room for you to relax, recharge and enjoy. Take some time for yourself in a hasty existence to receive and to let go. In a beautiful, warm environment on a heated massagetable, using warm oils I will make sure you will enjoy and get back in touch with your body, your breathe and your spirit.

In my experience, the light can not exist without the dark, earthy without the astral, and the solid without the subtle. Therefore, I combine in my treatments massage techniques to relieve physical tension with healing touch to clean up or rebalance disruptions and blockages. In this way, the Holistic approach of connecting to the whole is being realised. Thus achieving an effect of deep relaxation, tranquility and inspiration.

Making use of essential oils, calming or stimulating herbs, healing water and beautiful sounds, I create a safe environment in which your senses will be tickled and where you can let go of the every day husstle. A glass of herbtea will invite you to calmly get back into the present moment, after which you will feel revitalized and inspired.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Robert van Ravens